Bloody Sunday

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Based on the true events of 30th January 1972 where British soldiers shot and killed 13 unarmed participants in a Northern Ireland civil rights movement demostration, "Bloody Sunday" re-enacts one of the most traumatic events in modern history. With a focus on civil rights leader Ivan Cooper (played by James Nesbitt from Lucky Break, Waking Ned Divine, Welcome to Sarajevo) the film retells the story from both the view of the British army, the organizers and the civilians that took part in the march. Paul Greengrass harrowingly realistic feature film debut has been hailed as a modern masterpiece and the final word on the turning point in the Northern Ireland conflict.


  • Filmtyp: Spelfilm
  • Produktionsår: 2001
  • Produktionsland: Irland
  • Utspelas i land: Irland
  • Rek. från ålder: gymnasiet
  • Speltid: 100 minuter
  • Talat språk: engelska
  • Textat språk VOD: svenska
  • Textat språk DVD: engelska
  • Format: VOD, DVD
  • Utgiven av: NonStop Entertainment



Bloody Sunday - Cover




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